The ANC Rainbow Caucus is proud to support these LGBTQ+ candidates in their competitive races.

Ally Candidates of the Rainbow Caucus coming soon!

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LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 1B05

I am interested in joining the ANC Rainbow Caucus and will advocate for all LGBTQIA issues that we face. We as a community, can and will make a difference.


LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 1B08

As a commissioner, my top priority will be promoting social, economic, and racial justice at the local level. From housing to transit to education and more, we need to pursue every opportunity to make DC liveable and accessible for every day working people, not just the elite. Advocating for the LGBTQIA community, particularly trans people of color, is an integral part of that mission, and as a gay man, I take that very seriously.

Twitter: @EricBehna

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LGBTQ+ Incumbent for ANC 1C03

I've been out and proud since 1978. I was actively involved in Portland Town Council during the dark days combatting OCA initiatives; Cascade AIDS Project during the crisis; and many LGBTQ organizations while I lived in Portland. Since moving to the District, I've volunteered at the High heel Race, Pride, and the Gay Bridge club, and was a member of Gertrude Stein Democrats. I participated in a couple of Rainbow Caucus meetings with administrative personnel over the last year and found them both educational and worthwhile.


LGBTQ+ Incumbent for ANC 2B01

I am a queer progressive commissioner in Dupont Circle, the historic gayborhood. It is a unique honor to represent the LGBTQ community. I will use my seat to protect the rights of LGBTQ people and to promote a culture of love and acceptance for everyone.

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LGBTQ+ Incumbent for ANC 2B06

Founding member of the Rainbow Caucus. 

Mike Silverstein has lived in the Dupont Circle neighborhood since 1981. He is retired after a thirty year career at ABC News, and has previously served on the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.


LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 2B09

As an out and proud married gay Dad of 2-year-old twins, I want to fight for LGBTQ families and for equality for our entire community at all levels of government!

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LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 2F07

I'm excited to join this critical coalition to ensure LGBTQ+ folks in DC get the resources and support we need to thrive!

Twitter: @rehanamohammed

Instagram: @rehanaimohammed


LGBTQ+ Candidate 2F08

It’s time to end discrimination, youth homelessness, legalize sex work, and to stand in radical solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.
Twitter: @alexfor2f08
Instagram: @alexfor2f08

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LGBTQ+ Candidate for 3D02

Professionally, I have worked in Real Estate in the D.C. Metro Area for the last 7-years and Commercial Real Estate before that for another 8-years. As a realtor, I understand the value that my clients seek in a community and, as a Spring Valley resident, I take pride in what makes this community such a desirable place to live. I do NOT believe in the concept of wrong or right – NOR do I believe in the concept of good or evil. I am big fan of knowing that we ALL have choices to make in this existence and that the REACTION TO THOSE choices is what creates the reality that we live in. Ego & judgement will always be placed aside as I do in my daily/personal life to see things from the HIGHER-SELF & HEART-CENTERED perspective. One of my biggest inspirations is Darryl Anka who channels a multidimensional-being named ‘Bashar,’ - he is one of my inspirations and how I choose to live life – with LOVE & LIGHT!


LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 3D07

As a gay man and candidate for local office, I am a steadfast advocate for LGBTQ+ equality in the District. I'm proud to join the Rainbow Caucus as it continues to fight to eliminate the systemic barriers queer people face.

Twitter: @LatestChristian


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LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 4C06

I am running first and foremost because we need ANC leadership to deal with DC's affordable housing crisis. The high cost of housing in DC has hit the queer community especially hard and I want to join the Rainbow Caucus because with their help, I can be a fighter for our community.

I first moved to Petworth in Spring 2016, after graduating from Georgetown over in Ward 2. Ever since, I’ve been proud to be part of this neighborhood - first in a basement apartment on 14th Street and now on Kansas Avenue. I am running for ANC because we need to keep housing affordable and build safer streets for our neighbors. It would be an honor to join the Rainbow Caucus and work with our LGBTQ+ community to fight for a more affordable, equitable DC.


LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 5C05

Everyone deserves a seat at the table and an advocate in their corner. I want to make sure all of our voices are being heard.

Twitter: @Justin_Riordan

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LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 6A06

I'm Deaf, queer, and running to give a voice to all of the marginalized communities in DC.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @Robb4DC


LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 7E04

As your commissioner, I want to (1) make sure that Fletcher-Johnson has a future we are all proud of; (2) that we all feel safe while shopping at Benco, but also center resources for those that need them in that prime location; and, (3) ensure our community never feels ignored or neglected by those we have put in office to serve us.

Twitter: @towerykr

FB: Keith Raphael Hasan-Towery website:

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LGBTQ+ Candidate for ANC 8A06

I’m joining the ANC Rainbow Cause because the identities I hold have directly impacted by community government relations or the lack thereof. I’m joining because Ward 8 has the largest population of LGBTQ+ people in the city and I’m proud to be one of them.
Twitter: @aplus8a06



Profiles for the following candidates coming soon, but please reach out and support them!

1C08 Chris Jackson*

2C02 Will Mascaro

3F05 Ryan Keefe

5C05 Raymond Chandler

5D06 Michael Lussier

6D07 Edward Daniels*